Chocolate matzo cake

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Chocolate matzo cake

The Matzah Cake is the favorite Pessach cake of children. What can be bad about matzah with Chocolate spread, and I mean lots of chocolate; it is easy to prepare and then to prepare another one!

pan size 19X29


6 Matzahs
200 gr. bitter-sweet chocolate
Whipping cream
2 spoons chocolate spread




1. Wet the Matzahs for 20-30 seconds under the tap and put them aside.

2. Melt the chocolate and whipping cream in the microwave; add the chocolate spread.

3. Two possibilities:
Dip the Matzahs into the chocolate or spread the chocolate on each Matzah, put them on top of each Other and let cool in the refrigerator for several hours.

4. Sprinkles candy on the top

  1. 5. Second option for lazy people: Spread chocolate spread on the Matzahs.
chocolate matzo cake / Photo : nikib


chocolate matzo cake / Photo : nikib


chocolate matzo cake / Photo : nikib
3172 Total Views 3 Views Today

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