Avocado Salad

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Avocado Salad
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Avocado Salad

Many people will tell you that “You eat with your eyes first.” I agree. This rich and colorful salad contains all the components that I love. It doesn’t matter what meal I prepare.
Before serving, I sprinkle some cheese, a bit of olive oil and pita snacks. Now it is just perfect…


2 tomatoes
2 cucumbers
1 onion
1 red pepper
1 big avocado
cherry Tomatoes
Cubes of Feta Cheese:


1. Cut the vegetables into small pieces, mix gently not to crush the avocado, season with salt and pepper. add a bit of lemon..

  1. 2. Sprinkle Feta cheese before serving.
2529 Total Views 1 Views Today
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Avocado Salad

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