Best tomato salad

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Best tomato salad

I love little snacks. I cook a lot and sometimes I look for that little thing that will make the difference and make people happy.


20-30 tamar Tomatoes (all same size)
Coarse salt
1 garlic head
Olive oil



1. Cut the tomatoes into halves, range in pan on baking paper Face up and spread coarse salt over them.

  1. 2. Bake at low temperature, 100°C, for 5 hours.
  1. 3. cut the garlic into thin slices, put into a jar with the tomatoes Cover with olive oil
  1. Serve it with good bread, the taste of Eden!

Q & A

What if I don’t like garlic ? You can do without it.

How long does it last ? You can keep it in the fridge in a closed jar covered with oil for a week.

Best tomato salad


Best tomato salad
2967 Total Views 3 Views Today
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