Bounced Mushrooms with Croutons

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Bounced Mushrooms with Croutons

Nothing special, just some simple ingredients: bread and Champignon Mushrooms. It is on the table within 10 minutes for the most and it is a tasty dish.


1 packet of sliced Champignon Mushrooms
7 slices of bread cut into small cubes
Grated yellow cheese
Crushed black pepper


1. Put several spoons of oil in a pan and heat it up, fry the cubes of bread until they become yellow.

2. Add the mushrooms and some more oil to the mixture and cook for two more minutes on a high flame. Be careful not to dry up the mushrooms. (If you don’t succeed to keep the liquids in the mushrooms, bounce them separately for 2 minutes and mix them with the croutons afterwards)

Bounced Mushrooms with Croutons
Bounced Mushrooms with Croutons

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