Browned Soup Noodles

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Browned Soup Noodles

What makes a soup perfect? Now is the start of soup season and anything goes – tomato, lentil, onion, corn, vegetable. All the soup recipes feature prominently on the site now because that’s what visitors most commonly search for.
What topping can you add to a bowl of soup that will make it more filling and satisfying?
Noodles, of course, but not just any noodles. These are browned soup noodles and they make the perfect accompaniment to any soup!
A nice tasty pile of browned noodles in a bowl of soup adds flavor and texture and will really take your soup to the next level.
Let me tell you a secret so you can understand how tasty these are….I like eating them as is, even without soup.
I almost finished the batch I made before I remembered that I wanted to serve them with onion soup.
Want to make the best topping for soup? You’ve come to the right place!

Makes 5 servings


1 cup thin noodles
3 Tbsp oil
1.5 cups boiling water
Ground black pepper


1. Heat a pan with the oil and add the noodles, sautéing for around 5 minutes while stirring until the noodles go brown. It happens quickly so stay put, otherwise the noodles might burn if you leave them unattended, even briefly. Also, make sure you keep stirring constantly.

2. Lower the heat a bit and add 1.5 cups water (careful, it splatters a bit). Season with salt and pepper and cook for around 10-12 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the noodles absorb all the water. Once all the water has been absorbed, mix with a fork to separate the noodles.

3. The noodles should have some bite to them and not be totally soft (al dente). Serve by placing a generous mound of noodles in each bowl of soup.

Good to know…
Don’t take your eyes off the pan, otherwise the noodles may burn, and keep stirring so they don’t stick or burn.

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Browned Soup NoodlesBrowned Soup Noodles

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