Cabbage and Noodles Salad

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Cabbage and Noodles Salad

It looks like a simple salad and it takes 5 minutes to prepare…


3/4 of a medium sized bowl of chopped cabbage
1 cup thin noodles
3 cups water
1 spoon olive oil


6 spoons oil
2 tsp. honey
1 tsp. mustard
1 tsp. crushed garlic
Diced black pepper


1. Pour 4-5 spoons of oil into a pan, add noodles and 3 cups of water and boil for 1 minute, filter, rinse in water and mix with olive oil.

2. Mix noodles and cabbage,

3. Mix the ingredients of the dressing, Drizzle the dressing over the salad one hour before serving and mix .

Use ready chopped cabbage from the supermarket.

Cabbage and Noodles Salad
2837 Total Views 3 Views Today
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