Chocolate cake with gluten free flour

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Chocolate cake with gluten free flour

It’s hard to believe that this cake isn’t made with regular flour. It’s moist and fluffy like chocolate cake needs to be. This recipe is a keeper!

24 cm baking pan, lined with parchment paper


4 eggs
200 grams sugar (1 cup)
180 ml oil (1 cup)
250 ml whipping cream (1 cup)
1 cup chocolate drink mix powder (like Nesquik)
240 grams gluten-free baking flour (2 cups)
2 tsp baking powder

Chocolate cream:
150 ml whipping cream (1/2 cup + 2 Tbsp)
150 grams bittersweet chocolate

Whipped cream:
250 ml whipping cream
2 Tbsp powdered sugar
1 Tbsp instant vanilla pudding powder mix


1. Place the eggs and the sugar in a mixer and beat for a few seconds.

2. Add the oil and the cream and continue beating on low speed for a few more seconds. Add the other ingredients and mix until well incorporated.

3. Preheat an oven to 160°C.

4. Transfer the batter to the baking pan and bake for around 75 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out with moist crumbs.

5. Let the cake cool and then invert on a serving plate.

6. To prepare the chocolate cream: Break up the chocolate into squares and place in a bowl. Add the cream and melt together in the microwave. Mix until well combined. Frost the cake.

*7. To prepare the whipped cream: Place the cream, powdered sugar and the vanilla pudding mix in the bowl of a mixer and whip until you get a stiff cream. Fill a piping bag and pipe over the cake. Halve some strawberries and place in the center of the cake.

Good to know…
You can freeze the cake. You can also replace the gluten-free flour with two cups of regular flour.
The cake is really great. Super moist and chocolaty, definitely one you’ll want to make more than once!
If you’re in a pinch then you can just put chocolate spread on the cake instead of the cream/frosting. The whipped cream and strawberries are optional. The cake is also tasty without them.
An important note is that the flour is gluten-free but I’m not sure about the other ingredients. Please check before preparing.

1282 Total Views 3 Views Today
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