Honey Mousse

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Honey Mousse

These took me less than two minutes to prepare. There is indeed such a thing as a quick dessert for Rosh Hashana! And I promise that it does not compromise on quality.
This is so simple that it can barely be called a recipe…
I prepared a video clip so you can see how simple it is. I didn’t even add sugar. The only sweetener here is honey.
There are a lot of desserts for Rosh Hashana – assorted cakes, complex and fancy desserts with a lot of ingredients, so this time I wanted to give something a little different.
These are made with three ingredients that almost everyone always has on hand and it’s a perfect dessert for Rosh Hashana.

Makes 4 small 80 ml cups


250 ml whipping cream / dairy-free cream substitute
20 grams instant vanilla pudding powder mix (1 heaped Tbsp)
40 grams honey (2 heaped Tbsp)
1 Tbsp sugar (optional


1. Whip the ingredients into a stable mousse and fill the cups. Keep refrigerated.

Good to know…
It’s important to whip until the honey is well incorporated into the mousse.
You can serve the mousse as is or if you want it a bit sweeter then add a Tbsp of sugar. Another option is to serve with a heaped Tbsp of crushed biscuits over the mousse.

Additional options:
Shave some chocolate with a vegetable peeler and sprinkle over the mousse.
When strawberries are in season, chop some up and add them on top, it’ll be great. Chopped nuts also work well.
You can also finely chop some white or milk chocolate and sprinkle on top.
Another option is to drizzle honey / maple syrup over the biscuits or directly over the mousse before serving.
If you prepare in smaller cups you’ll have more portions.
You can also make these a week before and freeze.

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Honey MousseHoney MousseHoney MousseHoney Mousse

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