I’m cleaning house

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I'm cleaning house

I want to try and get things organized around here because I keep getting comments like “I want to join the website / Facebook / you”. I’m going to make a list of the different media you can connect with me on.


I hope to see you there!


First thing is the app. I personally think it’s the best and easiest way to navigate the site.
Also, the bonus with the app is that it doesn’t close. You don’t need to touch it while you’re cooking. The recipe is always open and visible.

The second thing is the newsletter. New recipes appear on the site every Sunday and Wednesday and everyone that registers gets an email notification.

The third place you can find me is on Instagram. I pretty much live there lately.
I love it and I post photos there all the time with the help of my darling daughter Yuval.

The fourth, and newest, venue is Pinterest.

The English site has its own Pinterest

The fifth is YouTube where I have my own channel. As soon as I upload a clip, all my subscribers get an email notification.

The fifth is my Facebook page. Give me Like and be active on the page so you get my latest in your feed.

The seventh and most important place, if you haven’t already visited, the love of my life, the essence of my being in fact, is my website.

And the new addition is a Niki B website in English. How exciting!

You’re welcome to join me and enjoy every moment together.
663 Total Views 1 Views Today
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