Cheese biscuit cake

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Cheese biscuit cake
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Cheese biscuit cake

A great no bake biscuit cake that doesn’t require a lot of unnecessary equipment and fuss, but that doesn’t compromise on flavor. Sounds great, right?!
This time I made this cake with Lotus biscuits, which really gave the cake a fantastic flavor. Don’t you just love biscuit cakes? They take me straight back to my childhood.

Round 24 cm cake pan


Lotus biscuits
2 containers (250 ml each) heavy whipping cream (preferably 38%), cold
6 Tbsp. instant vanilla pudding mix powder
120 ml milk (1/2 cup)
350 grams 9% soft white cheese
150 grams sugar (3/4 cup)

1 cup milk for dunking

To decorate:
100 grams milk chocolate


1. Place all the ingredients in the bowl of a mixer and whip until you get a stable mousse.

2. Briefly dunk the biscuits in milk and line the bottom of the pan with them. Then layer evenly with half of the mousse, and repeat with another layer of biscuits and the second half of the mousse.

3. This gives us two layers of mousse and three layers of  biscuits. Place in the fridge to cool.

  1. I used rectangular Lotus (Biscoff) biscuits, each layer contains 14 biscuits. Since it’s a rectangle in a circular pan, you have to cut some of the biscuits and fill the gaps with pieces of biscuit.
  2. Divide the mousse into three bowls. Spread an even layer of mousse over the biscuits, dip the biscuits in milk and repeat with another layer of mousse. Repeat for a final layer of biscuits and mousse.

Good to know…
All of the ingredients go into the bowl of the mixer. You don’t have to whip the cream separately. If you don’t have Lotus biscuits, then regular ones will do. You can freeze the cake for several days. It’s very rich and you don’t have to add the decoration if you don’t want to.

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Cheese biscuit cakeLotus biscuits cakeLotus biscuits cake

Lotus biscuits cakeLotus biscuits cake

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