Easy marbled cupcakes

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Easy marbled cupcakes
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Easy marbled cupcakes

Are you familiar with the following situation ? Midnight, the house is sound asleep and I wake up with a craving for sweets.then I ask myself How can I surprise my children first thing in the morning ? With muffins of course

13 Muffins


4 eggs
200 gr (1 cup) of sugar
3/4 of a cup of orange juice
1/2 a cup of oil
280 gr(2 cup) self-rising flour
1 spoon of chocolate spread


1. Whip the eggs and the sugar until you get an inflated and thick cream. Add the rest of the ingredients. Put aside 1 cup and add the chocolate spread to it.

2. Fill the muffins pan up to 3/4 height and add the dark cream to the muffins pan and mix a little.

*3. Bake for 20 minutes at 180°C

2275 Total Views 1 Views Today
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Easy marbled cupcakesEasy marbled cupcakesEasy marbled cupcakes

Easy marbled cupcakesEasy marbled cupcakesEasy marbled cupcakes

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