Onion and Red Mushrooms

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Onion and Red Mushrooms

I am a big fan of fast side dishes. the sooner the better! Therefore, the best is to start with mushrooms which require no time at all for preparation. I add fried onion and the dish is ready to set on the table.
If you want to add something else, make a potato puree and put the mushrooms on top. It will be great.


2 packets of Champignon Mushrooms
2 onions cut into half and sliced
1 spoon Silan
1 spoon Paprika
2 spoons water
Soup powder
Diced black pepper


1. Cut up the mushrooms into quarters and the smaller ones into halves.

  1. 2. In a hot pan, fry the onion until it gets yellow, add the mushrooms and fry 2 more minutes, add Silan and the spices and the water, fry for 2 more minutes and take off the fire.
Onion and Red Mushrooms
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