Pastrami potato salad

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Pastrami potato salad

Do you know what the problem of this kind of salad ?
It is too tasty and it does not leave space for the main course and I like to taste from everything . This is another delicious addition to the collection of salads on this site.
It is always good to add another one…


3 medium-size potatoes
3 hard-boiled eggs
200 gr. honey pastrami
1/2 cup olives cut into halves
20 small cherry Tomatoes the big ones cut into halves
1/4 cup chopped dill
1/4 cup chopped parsley
2-3 spoons mayonnaise
Crushed black pepper


1. Cover the potatoes with water and Cook until the potatoes are tender but not too soft, cool for few hours (they get easier to cut).

  1. 2. Cut the potatoes into medium size pieces, Cut the eggs into small size pieces and pastrami into small cubes.
  1. 3. Put all ingredients into a bowl, mix gently.
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