Pizza quesadilla

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Pizza quesadilla
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Pizza quesadilla

This is honestly one of the easiest and quickest meals you’ll ever make. Sometimes I want to make the kids something that I can serve with a bowl of veggies, either for a meal or a snack.
It literally took me two minutes to make the first quesadilla, oozing gooey cheese, the kids devoured them so make sure you make plenty, and don’t forget to serve with veggies on the side.


As many tortillas as you want
Tomato sauce / ketchup
Grated cheese of choice


1. Spread the tomato sauce over the tortilla and sprinkle your toppings (chopped finely) and grated cheese, and place another tortilla on top.

2. Place in a panini press for around two minutes until golden. Remove and cut into wedges like a pizza.

Eat right away.


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Pizza quesadillaPizza quesadillaPizza quesadilla

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