Potatoes and Mushrooms Omelet

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Potatoes and Mushrooms Omelet

My daughter likes variations on her egg. She sometimes comes up with special requests. This time she asked for an omelet with potatoes and mushrooms and I fulfilled her wish. I added vegetables near the omelet and we had a nutritious supper.


1 big egg
1 medium-sized grated potato
4 sliced mushrooms
2 chopped slices of yellow cheese


1. On medium fire, fry the potato for several minutes while stirring, add the mushrooms and fry for two more minutes.

2. Beat the egg with the cheese, add to the pan and spice.

3. Fry for a bit more than a minute until the bottom is cooked.

4. Two options:
a. Take off the fire and bake in the oven for several minutes.

b. Turn over and fry until it’s ready.

2932 Total Views 3 Views Today
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