Potatoes in the microwave

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Potatoes in the microwave
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Potatoes in the microwave

These potatoes are wonderful. Only 12 minutes from kitchen to table. I couldn’t believe how good they turned out. This is my daughter’s recipe that came out delicious after a few tweaks and since then they feature regularly at our table.

Makes 3 servings


4 medium potatoes
Canola oil
Cajun spice
Rock salt

Is that it? Yup, that’s it


1. Scrub the potatoes well, no need to peel them.

2. Take a microwave safe dish and brush the bottom with one Tbsp of canola oil. Arrange the potatoes in an overlapping pattern in one layer.

3. Drizzle the potatoes with oil, sprinkle some cajun seasoning and rock salt over the potatoes.

4. Cook on high power for 12-14 minutes in the microwave. The potatoes should be soft.

That’s it!

Served with: onion soup, pepper and tomato salad, chicken breast meatballs, and mini grilled cheese

Good to know…
If you don’t have any cajun seasoning, use sweet paprika or leave out altogether. Don’t make this ahead of time, but just before serving. Preparation time depends on your microwave and the thickness of the slices, therefore you should stop the microwave occasionally and check to see how soft the potatoes are.

688 Total Views 1 Views Today
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Potatoes in the microwavePotatoes in the microwavePotatoes in the microwave

Potatoes in the microwavePotatoes in the microwave

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