Quinoa and Carrots

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Quinoa and Carrots

I have a confession to make: I started with the Quinoa on a wrong footing; for quite a while, I thought it was not tasty and refused to touch it. Then, I started dealing with it again and I found out that if you cook it properly, it can result in a very good dish. It depends a lot on who prepares it.


2 cups Quinoa
1 thinly chopped small onion
3 grated carrots
4 spoons oil
3 cups boiled water (In addition)
2 flat tsp. salt
Diced black pepper


1. Brew the Quinoa in boiling water for 1/2 hour.

2. Fry the onion until it becomes yellow, add the carrots and fry for 2 minutes, add the Quinoa, the water and season.

3. Bring to boil, lower the fire, covered cook for 18 minutes and leave covered for 15 minutes.


Quinoa and Carrots


Quinoa and Carrots
2700 Total Views 3 Views Today
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