Roasting peppers in oven

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Roasting peppers in oven
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Roasting peppers in oven

One of the frequently asked questions is, ‘How does one roast peppers?’.
Sometimes you get stuck with a lot of peppers and you don’t want to throw them out, so the best way to keep them longer is to roast them.


I prefer red and yellow peppers because they look better and they are more attractive.
Cut every pepper into half and take out the white content.

Take an oven pan and cover with baking paper, arrange the peppers inside next to each other.
Turn on the oven 10 minutes in advance and heat to 180 Degrees Celsius, then put in the pan and bake for 30 minutes the peppers blisters and turns black.
Prepare nylon bag in advance and put in the peppers (Be careful! They’re hot!), shut the bag or if you don’t like a nylon bag, use a bowl and cover it with a plate.
Put it aside for at least half an hour or more.
Now you shouldn’t have trouble peeling them and using them for whatever you like.

Here are some suggestions:


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3080 Total Views 1 Views Today
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Roasting peppers in oven

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