Slow cooked chicken pasta bake

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Oven baked main dish recipes
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Slow cooked chicken pasta bake

This recipe is more for people that like slow cooked pasta but can’t be bothered to go through all the effort. This recipe barely takes 10 minutes to prepare. Sounds good, right?!
I like to put the dish in the oven on Friday morning and leave it there until Friday night dinner. The chicken is fall off the bone tender and the pasta soaks up all the flavor.
By the way, this is a classic recipe that kids love. They can’t resist the soft and flavorful pasta. No frying required here.

Makes 4-5 servings


1 kg chicken wings, halved
300 grams pasta
1/2 cup oil
1 heaped Tbsp sweet paprika
1 tsp rotisserie chicken spice
1/2 tsp crushed chili flakes
1 heaped Tbsp chicken bouillon
Ground black pepper
Salt (if needed, to taste)


1. Place the oil and spices in a bowl and mix until well combined. Add the wings and mix well. Set aside.

2. Partially cook the pasta for only half the recommended cook time and drain, keeping a cup of the cooking water aside.

3.  Transfer the wings to another bowl and add the warm, half-cooked pasta to the bowl with the seasoning. Mix well until the pasta is coated in the oil and spices.

4. Preheat an oven to 180 degrees Celsius.

5. Transfer the pasta to an oven-proof dish, arrange the wings in a layer on top of the pasta, and pour in the remaining seasoning over the wings.

*6. Add 3/4 cup of the pasta cooking water to the dish, place in the oven and bake for around an hour. Lower the heat to 100°C and bake for an additional for 8-9 hours.

Easy, right?!

Good to know…
The pasta comes out great, exactly like it should so don’t worry about overcooking. You can use any shape or even combine a few different shapes. Other types of noodles don’t work in this recipe. You can use drumsticks, thighs, or whatever you have at home, except for chicken breast, which you should use for something else.
Chili flakes give it a gentle kick but you can leave it out if you don’t like/have any.
You can also make a day or two in advance and keep in the fridge.

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