Spicy tomato salad

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Spicy tomato salad

The first time I ate this salad was at a restaurant and I fell in love right away!
I ignored everything else on my plate and only ate the salad, including seconds and thirds. Falafel shops often have a nice assortment of salads that you can eat with your falafel and this is hands down my favorite one.
There aren’t a lot of ingredients, just fresh vegetables (perfect for tomato lovers) and that’s what’s so magical about it. The simple dressing really complements the freshness of the veggies.
The spiciness combined with the tomatoes and onions make it super addictive, which is why it features regularly on my Friday night dinner table.
Add some fresh pita bread and tahini and you’re set!
The flavors make me nostalgic for my childhood and for my mother’s cooking.

Makes 3 servings


7 plum / regular tomatoes
1 medium red / yellow onion
1 hot pepper
1/3 bunch fresh cilantro/coriander
4 Tbsp canola oil
3 Tbsp vinegar
Ground black pepper


1. Cut the onion in half and cut each half into thin slices. Do the same for the tomatoes. Chop the cilantro and finely chop the spicy pepper.

2. Transfer the vegetables to a bowl and add the oil, vinegar, spicy pepper and salt. Gently mix until well combined, and serve.

So yummy!

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Spicy tomato saladSpicy tomato salad

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