Warm bulgur salad

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Warm bulgur salad

A rich luxurious and colorful Bulgur Salad can go with every meat or dairy meal, and if you haven’t made acquaintance with the Wheat Groats yet it is about time. It is a great salad, a good side dish but also a healthy meal unto itself.


1/2 cup rough bulgur
2.5 cups of boiling water
2 peppers
1 onion
2 carrots
1 spoon Silan
Soup powder
Crushed black pepper


1. Soak the bulgur in boiling water for an hour and a half or until they become soft.

  1. 2. Cut the vegetables tiny into cubes, In a hot pan put 4 tablespoons of olive oil add the carrots and fry for couple minutes, then Add the pepper and onion mix and cook until they have become soft.
  1. 3. Add the Silan and the spices.
  1. 4. Squeeze the bulgur of all liquids, mix them with the vegetables and serve hot.
1850 Total Views 3 Views Today
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