Halloumi Salad

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Halloumi Salad

Feeling as if you were eating out, a wonderful salad, tasty and colorful, the simplest there is. Calling it a recipe is an exaggeration. Suitable for hosting, looking good on the table and the Halloumi is so tasty!


1 packet of Halloumi Cheese
Baby Leaves
cherry tomatoes


1. Cut the vegetables as you like, put the Baby Leaves at the bottom of the bowl, the vegetables on top and spices like black pepper and salt inside.

  1. 2. Cut the Halloumi Cheese into cubes, fry in hot pan until they become yellow. Sprinkle on top of the vegetable together with olive oil. Serve immediately

I Served with Pasta in Rosa Sauce.

Halloumi Salad
3745 Total Views 3 Views Today
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