Homemade potato wedges

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This recipe became an instant hit when I posted it way back when. I love it when I post a recipe and hundreds of my followers make it that same week. Let me tell you that these potatoes are incredible! …

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Corn Schnitzel

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I’m always in favor of homemade versions of processed food. The result is always healthier, fresher, and tastier. This is how this amazing corn schnitzel came to be. I’m not going to say this was quick and easy but it’s …

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Shawarma recipe

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I can’t stress how delicious this is. This is one of my favorite recipes and I make it all the time. I put out an amazing spread of salads, pitas, baked potatoes, and this incredible shawarma. This was finger-licking good! And …

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Leftover chicken sandwiches

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Have you noticed that on Sundays I try and post recipes with leftover chicken? I’ve always got leftovers from Saturday that no one wants to eat, so this is the perfect recipe for leftovers. It’s great! The kids devoured everything, …

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