Pot roast with chestnuts and raisins

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Pot roast with chestnuts and raisins

I love to entertain on the holidays and serve an impressive meat dish. I usually go for a pot roast and I highly recommend buying a good quality cut of meat, it’s tastier and more tender.
This is one of those recipes that never fails to impress. I added some chestnuts and raisins to the recipe, which lend some sweetness to the flavor. It’s not a complicated recipe but I always get asked to share it once my guests have tasted it.


1 kg piece of beef for slow cooking
1 Tbsp Moroccan paprika
1 tsp rotisserie chicken spice
1 Tbsp chicken bouillon
Ground black pepper

2 onions
1 Tbsp light brown demerara sugar
200 grams chestnuts
50 grams light raisins
2 Tbsp tomato paste
2 cups water / cooking water from the meat
2 Tbsp silan
1 tsp good quality soy sauce
1 tsp Moroccan paprika
1 Tbsp chicken bouillon
Ground black pepper


1. Take a large pot and add 4-5 Tbsp of oil, searing the chunk of meat on all sides.

2. Take a cup of warm water and mix in the paprika, chicken bouillon, and black pepper and add to the pot. Partially cover the pot and cook until the meat is tender, meaning that a knife can easily penetrate the meat all the way. It takes around 4 hours. Peek inside the pot every so often to check that there is enough liquid.

3. When the meat is tender, refrigerate the entire pot for around 7-8 hours.

4. Cut the meat into 4-5 mm thick slices.

5. To prepare the sauce:
Quarter the onions and slice thinly. Add 2-3 Tbsp of oil to a pan and add the onion. Sauté until lightly golden, add the brown sugar and sauté until it dissolves.

6. Add the water, sugar, tomato paste, honey and spices. Halve the chestnuts and add to the sauce. Cook on medium heat for a few minutes, stirring occasionally.

7. Add the sliced meat to the sauce and cook for 10 minutes. Add the raisins and cook for another 20 minutes. The meat should be tender.

Good to know…
I recommend buying good quality roasting meat like chuck roast, or any other cut of beef that works well in slow cooked recipes. You can do steps 1-3 two to three days in advance.

459 Total Views 2 Views Today
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