Homemade cream cheese

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Homemade cream cheese
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Homemade cream cheese

Once you make this at home, there’s no way you’re going to want to go back to store-bought. So easy and such a great result. Delicious homemade cream cheese. And let’s not forget how much cheaper it is to make at home!


800 grams 15% sour cream (4 containers)
1 tsp salt

Green onion


1. Line a colander with a cheesecloth / tetra cloth / thin towel.

2. Mix the sour cream with the salt and transfer to the cloth. Place the colander over a bowl to collect the liquid that will drain out. Let stand overnight, even longer, around 10-12 hours. On warm days, it’s best to refrigerate.

3. At the end you can add chives, green onion, minced garlic, or whatever topping you like. It’s important to mix the toppings with the cheese manually.

*3. That’s all there is to it. Now just enjoy your homemade creation, also knowing you saved a bundle!

200 grams sour cream (1 container) = 2.2 NIS
8 containers = 17.6 NIS, which equals 1.6 kg
After draining, we get 800 grams of superb cream cheese.

Compare that to one 225 gram container of store-bought cream cheese, which sells for 14 NIS.
800 grams equals around 3.5 containers of cream cheese, which would cost around 49 NIS at the store, which saves you 31.4 NIS!
And it really doesn’t require much work at all, it’s just putting it out to drain on the counter / fridge.

*The prices are current as of a few months ago when I last checked.

This delicacy is served with dried tomatoes, pita bread cooked in the taboon, potato latkes and carrot fritters.

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Homemade cream cheeseHomemade cream cheeseHomemade cream cheeseHomemade cream cheese

Homemade cream cheese Homemade cream cheese Homemade cream cheese Homemade cream cheese

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