Cheese Biscuit Cake Recipe

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Cheese biscuit cake recipe

It came out so beautiful and tasty! I prepared it in an English Cake mold. So easy, arrange the biscuits and whisk.


English Cake

cup of whipping cream
80 gr. Instant Vanilla
1/2 cup milk
3 spoon of Curd Cheese
120 gr. (1/2 cup) sugar
1 cup of milk for the biscuits


1. Dip the biscuits in the milk, a short dip, and arrange on the bottom and sides of the mold.

2. Whisk all ingredients to a stable cream, transfer to the mold, dip the biscuits and close on top.

3. Freeze for several hours, overturn onto a serving dish, de-freeze for one hour in the fridge before serving.

Improvements: grated chocolate, whipped cream, chocolate cream.


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cheese biscuit cake recipe

cheese biscuit cake recipe

cheese biscuit cake recipe

cheese biscuit cake recipe

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hi! this looks great, what is curd cheese? Gvina levana?